Artigos Científicos Corb

Análise de Risco

The use of risk assessment to support control of Salmonella in pork

A qualitative risk assessment approach to microbial foodborne hazards in Brazilian intensive pork production: A step towards risk prioritization

A análise de risco como ferramenta estratégica para o serviço veterinário oficial brasileiro: dificuldades e desafios

Risk assessment of the introduction of H5N1 highly pathogenic avian influenza as a tool to be applied in prevention strategy plan

Application of microbial risk assessment in Brazil: opportunities from the industry to the government


Assessment of biosecurity practices and development of a scoring system in swine farms using item response theory

Biosecurity practices associated with influenza A virus seroprevalence in sows from southern Brazilian breeding herds

Development and validation of a scoring system to assess the relative vulnerability of swine breeding herds to the introduction of PRRS virus

Epidemiologia e Vigilância

Shifting to foot-and-mouth disease-free status without vaccination: Application of the PROMETHEE method to assist in the development of a foot-and-mouth national program in Uruguay

Análise do desempenho do sistema de vigilância sanitária animal no surto de doença vesicular em suínos no estado de Santa Catarina, Brasil

Evaluation of two strategies for reducing the spread of Salmonella in commercial swine herds during the finishing phase and their incremental cost-effectiveness ratios

Salmonela na suinocultura brasileira: do problema ao controle

Case–control study evaluating the sow’s risk factors associated with stillbirth piglets in Midwestern in Brazil

Odds Ratio or Prevalence Ratio? An Overview of Reported Statistical Methods and Appropriateness of Interpretations in Cross-sectional Studies with Dichotomous Outcomes in Veterinary Medicine

Effect of slaughterhouse and day of sample on the probability of a pig carcass being Salmonella-positive according to the Enterobacteriaceae count in the largest Brazilian pork production region

Targeted survey of Newcastle disease virus in backyard poultry flocks located in wintering site for migratory birds from Southern Brazil

Molecular prevalence of Coxiella burnetii in bulk-tank milk from bovine dairy herds: systematic review and meta-analysis

Evaluation of losses in carcasses of cattle naturally infected with Fasciola hepatica: effects on weight by age range and on carcass quality parameters